Haystacks are a series of talks and meetings about rural links, places and practices. They started in May 2013 and have no fixed location.

I'm currently preparing Haystacks for 2020, liaising with colleagues and friends in the UK, France and Romania to find the best moments for combing harvest with talking about art and culture.

Topics from earlier Haystacks include:
Sketching a Foodberg
Annual Community Haystacks in east London (2014-19)
Peasant Painters with Sigrid Holmwood
Ecology, Gender and Food Cultures with Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen
Urban Food Production with Katrin Bohn and Kathrin Böhm
Farming with Nature with Maria Benjamin and John Atkinson
Off Grid with Grace Ndiritu
The Ornamental Hermit with Barnaby Hosking
Heathrow Orchard Walks with Kate Corder
Kosovo Haystack Collection with Lala Meredith Vula
Litter in the Countryside with Rosemary Shirley
Japanese Knotweed talk and harvest with Gaja Mežnarić Osole
Museum of Farming with Georgina Barney
On Gleaning with Natalie Joelle
A Haystack on Icebergs with Katherine Gibson
The Agrarian Trust with Severine Tscharner Fleming