and millions and millions

Collection, production and distribution of posters.

It is an ongoing project with temporary and permanent appearances across spaces, somewhere between painting, graphic design and wild wallpaper. The collages are cut and paste on site, at times taking the full hight of the space, sometimes just splattered. The remaining posters are left on a shelf to be taken away and used somewhere else.

'And millions and millions' was initially developed for The Showroom, London in 2001. Tingbjerg Posters are the first collaborative version.

'and millions and millions'

carts&rafts, Centenary Gallery, Camberwell College of Arts, London
curated by : Martyn Simpson

Perfidy, Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge
Curated by Martyn Simpson and Daniel Sturgis

LOVE, 14 Wharf Road, London
Curated by David Risley

Corridor in Paul Allen’s flat

and millions and millions, VTO Gallery, London
(with Sigrid Stabl)

and millions and millions, as part of Pavilion
Bloomberg Space, London

and millions and millions, as part of Creek
Cell Project Space, London

PAPERWORKS, Kate Macgarry Gallery, London

Between Spaces, at Centro Cultural Andratx, Majorca
Curator: Lone Høyer Hansen

and millions and millions, as part of of Coalesce: mingle mangle
Model Gallery, Sligo
Curated by Paul O Neill

and millions and millions, Galerie Barabara Wien, Berlin

and millions and millions, as part of Sodio y Asfalto (cat.)
Museo Rufino Tamayo, Mexico City
Curated by Ann Gallager and Tobias Ostrander

and millions and millions, as part of Coalesce: mingle mangle
London Print Studio, London
curated by Paul O'Neill

Between Spaces 2, Galerie Asbaek, Copenhagen

Coalesce: mingle mangle, London Print Studio, London

Tonight, Studio Voltaire, London
Curator: Paul O'Neill


Anita's flat


Tingbjerg Posters