more clay

Posted on May 6, 2011 by kathrin

If you happen to be aorund the area next Monay 9th May, we’re doing a small public event that involves clay masks, clay foot baths and clay wrappings. It’s a follow up from a clay workshop last May, and part of the Höfer Goods series. There is something very simple about clay, which makes it fascinating, and I wonder how complicated our clay product needs to be. For now we dag some clay up on the fields, disolved and kneaded it, and it has an astonishing firm and “fat” consistence. It will be used together with wild herbs to try and remake some of the clay treatmenst that the older women remember. One good story is that everybody used warm clay packs to treat strained muscels or joints – because it really helps – and that the clay was always removed when the doctor came for a home visit.

Start is at 19.00 in the community hall, and Gabriele Götz, a local construction biologist, and Silvia Hellmuth who knows about herbs will join.