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no beautification

Posted on by kathrin

The discussion has been going for a while. The national scale village rejuvenation programmes suggests “historic” cobblestone village roads (never mind they’re made from concrete) serpentining between informal green areas and kind of trying-to-look-historic street lamps. Never mind the fact that the road has never been cobbled but was simply mud until the 1950ies, nor have there ever been lovely plant pots in the street or enhancing public lights. There were other great things, like unlocked front doors and proper time spent chatting in the street.
Anyhow, fighting over looks is exhausting, and the rejuvenation stop in the lower part of the village didn’t happen because there was suddenly an agreement over aesthetical aspirations. No no. It was sheer practicalities and pragmatism. The new cobblestone layer and its required extra thick foundations would make the hill too steep for everyone. And of course too expensive.The 1970ies fountain in the middle of the square is rescued for now – and there seems to be a new agreement that it’s not so ugly after all.