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faschings indicators

Posted on by kathrin

I happened to be in Höfen during the ‘Faschings’ weekend – the last days of carnival before lent starts.
The indicators include: an increased number of car drivers with purple or pink wigs, Krapfen (donuts) in all sorts of shapes and sizes everywhere, holiday for the kids of course and special cheesy music across all radio stations (as if German radio stations weren’t bad enough….).
My top memory of Fasching there: I once dressed up as a palm tree for the sports club Faschingsball and won third prize!


Posted on by kathrin

My parents, me and my brother moved to Höfen 1n 1975, into what has been my grandparent’s home since 1951.
The pig stables were removed, a three-storey extension built and the cherry tree kept. The garden and most of the flat was a complete building site. Great for kids of course!
The current chestnut tree replaced the cherry tree a few years later.