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a small island

Posted on by kathrin

No Höfen this summer. Instead we spent August in Köpstadsö (pronounced “Shhöpstadschö”), a small island 15 minutes West of Göteborg.

Any similarities?
The “ö” of course, the size of settlements, roughly around 80, the fact that everyone seemed to know who we are or where we are staying, and if they didn’t they wold quite directly come up to ask whilst waiting for the ferry. “Ah, you are staying at the Bergendal’s” (Kirstin’s familiy name). Sounded quite familier to the “ah, you are on of the Böhms”.
Houses looked very tidy and the gardens are all well looked after. The fashion is different, definitley more marine style white trousers and blouses amongst the women, and proper blond pony tails with large sunglasses. Nordic Walking was the same as in Höfen. The fact that there is only one letter box, too.
Mature oak trees, the smell of mushrooms in the woods, wild blueberries and raspberries.
Shopping had to be done in the next village, well, the next island, and it was like in Höfen, the only option were supermarkets.
The big differences? Well, first of all there was no pub, no church and no cars.
Calvinist society Sweden was, alcohol purchase was highly regulated and to be done in special shops (apart from the pretty weak beer in cans in the supermarket).
No Eur 1.80 per half litre in the beergarden as it is the standard in Frankonia.
No cars was beautiful. The walk to the ferry was only 8 min anyway.

Kirtsin instructed us to say hello to everyone we met. Same rule in Höfen. So we politely tried a Swedish “hei hei” – never quite certain how “hey hey” it sounded.