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Heizkörper is a radiator, or literally translated a heating body.
I saw this freestanding wall at Gabriele Götz’ new show house at her brickfactory in Reckendorf.
What looks like a silly wall in the middle of the room is a clever radiator with integrated pipes.

inter-village highway

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What has been a casual “Dorfverbindungsstarsse” (a simple one lane road connecting two villages) is now another example for German high precision and superengineering.
So smooth, so not needed. Rumor has it that the mayor who lives in the now smoothly connected village got a brand new car and therefore a brand new road (or vice versa).

a wall

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We just replaced the Victorian brick wall in our London terrace, and thought we did quite a solid job – until we saw this one in the village.

regeneration signifiers

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New lines are everywhere in the village, around the chapel, accros the road, along the pavement. Apparently they mark out new green areas for the village street design to come.

dorfernerneuerungsprogramm aka rural regeneration aka village beautification

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A new programme to make the village more beautiful is under way. The local resistance is large. Partly because many think “what’s the point of trying to make such an ugly village pretty”, but also because there is quite a cash contribution per household. New alliances – across old feuds and fundamental lifestyle differences – are made in the fight against generic, bureaucratic and expensive beautification.

The village has lost most of its 18 and 19 century farms in the 70ies, to be replaced with pretty pragmatic and not necessarily elegant two storey modern blocky buildings. Heir plus family on one floor, grandparents on the other, to be at some point inhabited by the grandchildren aka new heir. The old buildings were clearly more charming, with small carefully designed rooms – now to be found at the Peasant Museum. The new buildings are large. The kitchens are tiled and with fluorescent lights. Less charming but a good reminder of what counts.

One resident – who normally doesn’t have the popular vote – said “it needs much more to make this village more beautiful than just a few trees and fake cople stone.” I also dislike this generic fake rural look which is rolled out across villages now. As if. Want some original features? Tear of the tarmac and have mud roads again. There never was any cobblestone. Want to make it more beautiful? Maybe work on the communal spirit rather than on some pretty flower pots.

busy building

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I’ve only been away for six months, but two buildings got knocked down and three new ones built, plus a new road. That’s a lot for a village with only 40 houses or so. And who said the winter months were the quiet ones?