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international kraut

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The first day of the Eco Nomadic School in Höfen was spent on issues of producing, preserving and reserving, in short terms: on economy. The group was fairly international, with guests from Rumania, Hungary, Syria, Sweden, France Italy and of course a large group of women from Höfen.
We spend a good two hours in the kitchen of the local Peasant Museum to turn Frankonian and Rumanian white cabbage into a number of dishes: sauerkraut, salad, stir fry and a bake.
The sauerkraut is now fermenting away in my parent’s garage, and will be shared in the village later. Other outcomes include some sharp and helpful reminders of rural feminist action, new networks between urban and rural gardening initiatives, the exchange of many recipes and some good old group led sense of empowerment.

tour de village october 2012

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A quick tour. I’m only here for one day, to do with the Eco Nomadic School session in Höfen and Sulzbürg. I first knock on Siglinde’s door to say thank you for the amazinly beautiful protion of Gschnittne Hasen. She made them last night fort the coffee and cake session on Friday. She might be a bit late for coffee, her son had a really bad motorbike accident and she is going to see him at hospital first.

I bump into Rosi and Andi. News about their new piece of woodland and fishing carp are exchanged.
Their daughter comes along with her three childrern. A quick chat about nurseries.

I drop by at Lora’s house, who is from Rumania, to remind her of the Rumanianas coming tomorrow for the Eco Nomadic School. Her husband wants to show me his paintings. He studied art at Bucharest, and wants to do an exhibition. I don’t have enough time today, but will be in contact in February.

Quick stop at Anna’s. I give her today’s Guradian. She a always very keen on newspapers from elsewhere.
Paulina comes by on her bike.
She’ll be at the workshop as well tomorrow to make Sauerkraut. Today she’s going to pick the last apples on her field with Anna.

The weather is glorious.

Next I stop at Rosa’s to get the keys for the community house, to set up the tables.

On the last meters home I bump into Carola who is going to give some rideing lessons, and say hello to Maria.

20 minutes later I’m back home.

combined harvester

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At a conference on art in the rural I was chatting with someone about all the rural looks that enter the city – just to mention the new Hackney types as one example, and village hall bunting everywhere. Which were the urban looks that sneak up in villages? Here is a good example from a poster in the small swiss village of Warth.

front room meeting tonight

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My mother is meeting Rosa and Paulina tonight to go through the details for making a big collective pot of Sauerkraut during next week’s Eco Nomadic School in Höfen. We are making 50kg and there are quite a few requests already to take portions home. A list for who is making which cake for Friday afternoon’s international coffee session in the village hall is filling up with names. But it’s more than just food, we’ll be talking money, and economies and housekeeping. Look out for the reports after the 22nd October.

sauerkraut year 3

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You don’t have to use your feet to make Sauerkraut, but it’s more fun.
In 2009 we made a big batch back in Höfen, following my mother’s recipe and applying my father’s precision when it came to putting a lid on the pot. The following year kraut was stamped for the harvest festival at Wysing Arts Centre. Red cabbage had been available locally, so me made some red sauerkraut, fortunately matching the girl’s nail varnish, who was very keen to join. This year Jack and Joe, with large feet for their age, stamped the white cabbage in the Reading Room at Coniston Institute. So, watch out next year. Leila just offered her kitchen to be used on a Monday. All we need then is a cool urban place to let it ferment for a few weeks.