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another european workshop

Posted on by kathrin

The Eco Nomadic School is to arrive in Höfen soon, from 19 – 21 October 2012. It’s the second time I’m organising a European workshop in the village, with lots of guests from elsewhere. The first time everyone was puzzled that others would actually come and stay for three days. And some of the guests were puzzled, that the villagers were actually quite friendly and open-minded. Oh, good old preconceptions! This time the programme is again very mixed – and everyone is welcome to join the interesting parts for them.
Today is the monthly women’s cofee and cake session, and my mother will suss out who comes when and does what. I guess that the Friday will be quite popular with a trip to the local Farming Museum and a tour around their current exhibition on housekeeping, followed by a sauerkraut making session in the teaching kitchen. I already know that Ingrid and Sylvia and Gabi are also coming for the seminars and discussions in Sulzbürg the next day.
Here is the full programme.

green prayers

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The sign says roughly: ” You believe the huntsman to be a sinner because you never see him at church, but looking at the blue sky whilst strolling through the woods is better than a false prayer”. The panel hangs above my father’s Stammtisch (table for regulars) in his Stammwirtschaft (pub for regulars) and he recently asked me to reproduce it for him.