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The farmer women still all wore them when I was a child.
I would wear one from time to time – mainly for some harvest work or sweeping the road.
The head scarf is something very village for me, as is the apron dress, worn by many everyday but Sunday. My mum wouldn’t wear one, but my grand and greatgrandmother would. For Sundays there were special outfits kept for the different seasons, and occasions like Easter, Holy Communion, All Saints Day and Christmas. As a result, everyday wardrobe was much more worn out and used. It was always mended. I now sometimes wonder how well dressed everyone seems (besides all the cheap clothing industry aside), and how clean and mend-less clothes are.

I would never wear a headscarf in town.

During a fieldtrip to a hill farm near Brezoi in Rumania, I had to put up my scarf, because I had forgotten my hat. I knew it wouldn’t look good, but who cares. Doina immediately spotted how village-like it looked, and made a joke, that I should import to London.

hard edge

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I am – still – a big fan of Hard Edge Painting, and proper abstract painting makes me happy. However, the concept of hard edge that gets applied to any kind of house rendering in Höfen is simply astonishing.


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my favorite buildings

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Old barns.