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First day, gifts and another village shop

Posted on by kathrin

I come from here and I’ve been here so many times during the last 20 years that I can’t quite tell the difference of arriving in order to stay for a few months – rather than a few days – yet.

We had “welcoming’ gifts – very sweet from Erna and from Ingrid and her daughter. There was a village fete in the next village called Freudeneck (that’s “corner of joy” in english) with another version of a pop up village shop, and I had silly amounts of meet.

Increasing the population of the village by 2.5%

Posted on by kathrin

Kathrin – that’s me – from public works and is moving back to her home village of Höfen in Southern Germany for the next few months. We are moving there with the whole family and will increase the village population by 2.5% – that’s amazing.

From there I’ll be working on a number of projects such as Ourvillages and Höfer Waren which I started with in Höfen a few years ago, and other interlinked projects such as Rhyzom, the International Village Shop.

For updates on rural life and work check this blog, and if you want to get in contact just e mail, phone or simply visit!

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