Money Distribution Machine and Other Useful Contraptions

Such as a Money Distribution Machine, Perfect Baby Dispenser, Chocolate Converter and a Let-Others-be-Nice-To-Me Device. These are just a few desired appliances for life that have arisen from workshops and conversations with service users at Three Cs, an organisation for people with learning disabilities and mental health challenges on Rye Lane in South London. The machines, whether imagined or physical, are a sharp portrait of our time and – like caricatures – they mimic a collective state of mind.

The centre piece of the collaborative exhibition at Peckham Platform will be a multifunctional work station to press coins, print vouchers, spin plates and make seed bombs. The "Apparatus" and a Sunday Café will be operated by Three C’s users, extending the organisation’s activities
into the wider public realm.

Money Distribution Machine and Other Useful Contraptions
Together with Three Cs
and contributions by Tim Hunkin, Technology Will Safe Us, Mechanical Cabaret Theatre, Blake Fall-Conroy, We Love Colour, Carys Davies and Rosalie Woods. A Peckham Platform commission as part of Anxiety Arts Festival
Exhibition 20 May - 27 July 2014