The projects on this website have not been updated recently.
My new website is in the making, and is scheduled to go live in late 2022.

2020 was a turning point for my work. I declared that I did not want to
start another project, and that I wanted to make a pile instead. In 2021
I composted my work in public at The Showroom London.

The COMPOST website is documenting some of the process and conversations that all place during COMPOST. I've been sieving through the tangible and non-tangible elements of my work to date, with colleagues, collaborators, friends and passers-by, to discuss and decide what to take forward, what to use in order to support the structures and changes we want to have - in society, in art, in economy aka in our lives. Compost had two phases:

Phase 01: Turning the Heap, 15 June - 24 July 2021
Phase 02: For Future Use, 10 September - 15 October 2021

The COMPOST website is currently still being added to in a not-yet-categorised manner. It remains a heap for now.

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Eco Nomadic School
Höfer Waren
International Village Shop
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International Village Show
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