Culture is a Verb

Two buildings have been opened to the public in Lincoln in May 2018.

They are central, directly opposite the train station and can’t be missed.
They sit next to the high street on the edge of the town centre, between uphill and downhill. The buildings are connected and between them they have more than 24 rooms.

Culture is a Verb equips the ground floor with basic functions for collective use, and a six month pilot programme, also known as public time, sets a first rhythm of making use. Public functions and public time are designed and organised around dialectical terms to allow for new connections between art and the everyday, us and others, the local and the non-local, inside and outside, the abstract and the concrete, history and the now, culture and politics.

This new public space will be shaped by those who exercise it, and it will mix, publish and amplify what’s going on culturally in Lincoln and nearby. Using the buildings will be a public discussion about local culture through action.

Culture is everywhere, and it constitutes itself through the way we do things together, be it food production, banking, football or art. Therefore the starting question is not whether we need culture, but what kind of culture we have and what we want for the future. Culture is a verb. 24/7.

Click here for the printed manual with an essay by Ellen Mara de Wachter.

Culture is a Verb is commissioned by Thirteen Waysfor
Mansions of the Future
Lincoln, UK
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